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New Owner, Old Liverpool?
October 15, 2010, 5:29 pm
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Now that the ownership of Liverpool is finally sorted out, after a court room battle which at times resembled the club’s great night in Istanbul for its legal drama, what will be the future for the club?

Will it herald a return to past glories, or is it just the latest episode in the structural change facing one of football’s iconic brands?

Is swapping one American owner for another just stepping from the frying pan into the fire?

That’s probably how many fans felt when they first heard the name John W.Henry and started googling New England Sports Ventures – the investment company he uses for buying ‘franchises.’

Over time – and this drama has gone on for months and crossed all sides of the Atlantic and further afield to Singapore – NESV’s bid was the one concrete offer which the club’s board felt they could trust in time to meet the debt deadline.

It’s not a knock-out offer – certainly not in terms of price as far as Gillett and Hicks are concerned – neither in terms of the cash to spend on new players and a new stadium.

Henry has a good track record with stadia – having refurbished the historic home of the Boston Red Sox, rather than moving to a new one, so this bodes well for Liverpool.

But fans were probably hoping when the whole sale process started 18 months ago to attract an oil-rich billionaire – but instead he went to Man City.

The reason for the sheik heading to Eastlands instead of Anfield was mainly because Eastlands was already built and required no cash from the new owners, leaving them to spend heavily on players.

Plus the aggravation of dealing with local councils and planning committees takes years to resolve and you are never guaranteed the right outcome – just ask Everton that.

Instead Liverpool’s new owners will be playing the ‘long game.’ They will already have a view on the stadium – in other words do they need a new one or can they just refurbish the existing one?

They will also plan on buying players – so expect some more to come and go in the January transfer window as the club seeks to reduce the wage bill and improve the quality of the squad overall.

But it won’t be a case of splashing the cash in the New Year, more a few prudent acquisitions to keep the team headed in the right direction including going for silverware in the form of the FA Cup or may the Europa Cup.

How long will it take to get Liverpool back to challenging for the Premiership?

Well it is only two years since they were runners-up and everyone’s favourites for the following season.

But in that time a lot has happened – many poor players have been bought and a few very good ones – such as Alonso – sold.

Gerrard is a year older, Torres is a lot more grumpy and no doubt Real Madrid will be waiting in the wings to try and prize Reina amongst others away.

The road back to the glory days will be a long and hard one, and there’s no guarantee with a new owner that the path will be any quicker – but at least its better than Gillett and Hicks and for that Liverpool fans should be grateful – or at least relieved.


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So you think fotball is awash with money just beause a sheik buys Man City – think again.

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